How to Get DMV Services During COVID

going to the DMV during COVID

Let’s address the elephant in the room. 

The coronavirus is changing the way we do life. 

What used to be a simple trip to our favorite store or restaurant is now requiring us to take precautions to safeguard our health and everyone else’s. And while these precautions are justified, it’s difficult for some of us to navigate this new environment. 

What makes things worse is that we don’t know if or when our lifestyles will return to normal. The U.S. has tallied up 4.4 million coronavirus cases since the pandemic has started. 

Maps that track the coronavirus’ impact indicate that new COVID cases have increased in 28 states in the past two weeks, with the government labeling 21 states as “red zones” due to their severe outbreak. These states include Missouri, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, all of which had lower coronavirus cases than previous hotspots like New York.

And the virus’ spread is pointing to an uncertain future, leaving most of us to question how to tackle everyday tasks. One place that’s trying to answer this question is the DMV, but according to multiple news stories, the organization isn’t offering a great answer. 

In fact, the DMV’s response to coronavirus is creating more frustration than peace.   

Visiting the DMV during COVID 

Going to the DMV before the coronavirus took hold of the U.S. was already a headache. We had to deal with long wait times, back-and-forth with employees, confusing processes for services, and crowded, stuffy rooms full of people who look bored and unhappy. 

While these pitfalls are still prevalent, the DMV has amplified each of these problems during the pandemic, resulting in a terrible experience every time any of us go to the DMV during COVID. 

In New Jersey, for example, long wait lines are plaguing DMV sites. Recently, the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission agencies opened to finally assist customers’ DMV needs. However, by early morning, an office in Springfield Township was swamped with hundreds of people, hoping to complete simple tasks like getting their car title. Some of the customers had stood in line since 3 a.m., confident that getting there early would ensure they get inside. But most of them still waited hours with everyone else.  

why going to the DMV during COVID is frustrating

How safety protocols are impacting wait times

This agency in Springfield Township wasn’t the only Motor Vehicle Commission site in New Jersey to draw a large crowd. The office in Lakewood also had to shut down in the morning because so many customers had shown up, forcing the agency to reach capacity. But what’s really sad is that some of the people who could stay still didn’t get help from an employee. 

Resolving DMV needs while enforcing social distancing and safety protocols has significantly slowed down processes, challenging employees’ ability to attend to everyone. The agencies in New Jersey have also established multiple lines in their offices, increasing wait times even further. 

For example, there are reportedly two sections at each site. One is a vehicle center for those who need a new title, registration, or license plates. And the other is a licensing center that provides real ID, permits, and new licenses. 

If someone is unlucky enough to visit both of these centers, that individual has to wait in both lines. There are no exceptions. 

Top frustrations with the DMV during COVID

While states like New Jersey are noticing long DMV wait times, it’s the citizens who are getting particularly upset.

People are waiting two to eight hours for a DMV representative to assist them, and the exaggerated wait time is frustrating. Two men from New Jersey were specifically upset that they had waited eight hours to get to the front of the line only for an employee to tell them they couldn’t receive services. 

Because the two men forgot to pull a ticket number, they had to leave empty-handed even though they had spent their entire day waiting for assistance. This problem isn’t an isolated event, though. 

If people with certain health conditions go to the DMV during COVID, they could also experience frustration. One New Jersey woman who has diabetes was happy she could wait in her car instead of standing in the blistering heat — she had signed up for an electronic notification to tell her when to come inside, a welcome feature for most people. 

However, the woman was still experiencing the consequences of long wait times. While sitting in her car, she started to get dizzy because she needed to eat, given that she has diabetes. But instead of properly tending to her health condition, she had to worry about losing her place in line because she had “waited too long” for assistance. 

waiting in line for the DMV during COVID

Is it worth going to the DMV during COVID?

Frustrations with the DMV during COVID aren’t restricted to New Jersey alone. Places like Pennsylvania are also encountering upset customers. While the state’s DMV offices have created safety protocols, some of the people waiting outside aren’t so sure the measures are even working. 

One customer argued that it was “ridiculous in the pandemic to drag how many people are in this line all out here crammed on this street 4-5 hours at a time.” The customer went on to explain that the cramped lines were a contradiction, potentially leading to more health concerns than the DMV anticipated. 

While the measures are possibly debatable, what matters is that going to the DMV during COVID is seemingly a nightmare. Tensions are running high, lines are too long, and assistance isn’t guaranteed. 

But people are forcing themselves to deal with these problems because they think they have to wait. Some customers need to renew their driver’s licenses and tags that will soon expire, so it makes sense to wait even if they don’t want to. But what if there was another option? 

How to work around the DMV

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There’s no need to pay extra money or jump through any hoops. All anyone has to do is sit at home, wherever that home might be, and resolve their DMV needs online. 

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