Why the DMV’s Online Customer Service Fails

why you shouldn't use the DMV's online customer service

When you think of the Department of Motor Vehicles, you might consider times where you stood in long lines, sat in boring waiting rooms, spoke with unhelpful employees, or filled out mountains of paperwork. You probably don’t think about any good times (if you’re one of the lucky few who has them). 

The only good memory you might hold onto is getting your first driver’s license at a DMV office. But that experience might not have gone well if you had to wait hours just to speak to someone. The excitement of driving a car as a licensed driver probably died as soon as you pulled a ticket number and learned that 20 people were in front of you. 

But the good news is that the DMV is finally moving most of its services online. This transition is mainly a result of the pandemic and the need to keep customers safe and healthy. However, regardless of the motivation, it’s good to see that the DMV is innovating. 

Moving online should increase efficiency. It should decrease wait times, provide convenience, and allow more customers to have positive interactions with the DMV. Right? 

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  

While this transition is a smart move, the DMV’s online customer service is the wrecking ball to their new hopes and dreams. 

What you need in excellent online customer service 

is the DMV online customer service good?

It’s no secret that great products and services are essential components of every business. It can make or break whether or not a brand succeeds. 

But right next to that necessary component is customer service. And because most companies operate either entirely or somewhat online, they have to provide outstanding online customer service to consumers. Otherwise, their business could fail just as quickly as it would if it had inferior products or services.  

Online customer service is so crucial that researchers have even conducted studies to show companies what they need to provide to make consumers happy. Results suggest that people look for the following in great online customer service: 

  • Satisfaction with the experience (27%) 
  • Positive interactions with company employees (38%) 
  • Quick customer service (42%) 

These expectations that people have for online customer service mimic the ones they have for in-person experiences. However, the pressure to deliver online is higher because most people prefer to buy things online. 

A recent Capterra survey found that 60% of U.S. customers preferred online shopping. So, if businesses can’t provide the online customer service that people expect, it could ruin their company even if their in-person experience is slightly better. 

Where the DMV’s online customer service goes array

contacting the DMV online customer service

The DMV has a list of expectations that it needs to meet to provide excellent online customer service. The good thing is that the list is short—it only includes three components. 

But unfortunately, the DMV’s online customer service fails in the exact spots where you need them to succeed. In fact, here’s a brief list of why the DMV’s online customer service is so bad (hint: it all relates to the research findings above). 

1. Slow customer service

Think about how long it takes to receive customer service. When you go into the DMV, do you find yourself waiting for hours? When you call the DMV center, are you on hold long enough to put your phone on speaker and continue doing household tasks until a representative assists you? 

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you should already assume you’re going to experience long wait times with the DMV’s online customer service. And this inefficiency will likely frustrate you if you’re one of the 42% of people who prefer to hear from a customer rep in a timely manner. 

2. Negative interactions with employees 

Unfortunately, the DMV fails to meet another significant online customer service expectation: positive interactions with employees. 

Again, consider your in-person experiences to judge how your DMV encounters will be online. How often do you have positive interactions with DMV employees while in the office? How often do you leave the DMV feeling satisfied? 

Even if you received what you needed, you probably talked to at least one DMV employee who was either unhelpful, unknowledgeable, or just in a bad mood. Or, maybe you spoke to someone friendly and helpful. But you saw the person in front of you speak to a DMV employee who was a little cranky and uninformed. 

Either way, neither scenario leaves a good impression. And if the DMV hasn’t perfected its in-person approach to customer service, then you can confidently assume the organization’s online customer service is also horrific. 

3. Leaving unsatisfied  

Negative interactions with employees might not be the only reason you dislike the DMV’s online customer service. Instead, you might simply be an unsatisfied customer. 

Maybe you talked to a DMV employee who tried to help you find something online, but you still couldn’t find it. Or, maybe a DMV employee didn’t even know how to find what you were looking for online. 

Both scenarios are equally frustrating. It wouldn’t be surprising or uncommon if you felt unsatisfied in either of these situations. 

Complete your DMV services online without the frustration

If you don’t want to deal with the DMV’s poor online customer service, it makes sense. Customer satisfaction is one of the most significant factors that determine brand loyalty. 

Research even suggests that eight in 10 consumers would buy from a competitor if they experienced poor customer service from a brand. And this sentiment doesn’t just apply offline—it speaks to online customer service as well.

The difficult part, however, is figuring out where to get DMV services if you don’t want to go to the DMV. Are there any companies that can help you? 

Thankfully, yes. 

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