How Auto Dealers Can Quickly Handle DMV Paperwork

DMV paperwork

If you’re an auto dealer, business is about to get busy. The intent to buy new or used cars is increasing amongst consumers. Research suggests that 94% of people are looking to buy a new car, and 97% of consumers have intentions to buy a used car.

These numbers have significantly increased since 2020, which means you can expect to ramp up sales and bring in more deals. But while you’re speaking with eager consumers and showing the vehicles on your lot, keep in mind that making an official sale won’t be a walk in the park, and that’s not because customers will be demanding. It’s because the DMV will be more challenging to work with than usual. 

The DMV wait times are increasing 

You may have heard that businesses spanning various industries are currently facing staff shortages. According to the Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey by the Department of Labor, there were 11.3 million job openings in January 2021. 

Of course, when an organization is short-staffed, you’ll experience longer wait times than usual, and unfortunately, this is especially true with the DMV. There’s no reason to sugarcoat it—the DMV is notoriously slow, and when you throw in labor shortages, getting things done will move at a snail’s pace, and that’s not an exaggeration. 

DMVs across the U.S. have fewer employees than usual, leading to longer wait times. In fact, a DMV in Oregon recently reported that it’s trying to keep things going with only six employees on most workdays when it usually has 17 employees on hand. 

With these severe staff shortages, you’ll have a tough time completing the forms you must give the DMV after you sell a new or used motor vehicle. Most likely, you won’t even know which documents to fill out and submit to make a transaction official. 

The DMV requires a plethora of paperwork, and keeping up with it can be challenging, which is why it’s tempting to call the DMV or go in person to figure everything out. But because DMVs are so short-staffed, it’ll be incredibly difficult to get someone on the phone. And speaking with an associate in person could take hours or an entire workday. 

How to skip the long DMV process

the best ways for auto dealers to handle DMV paperwork

While the DMV may not be able to assist you in providing necessary paperwork, you can’t let that stop you from making sales. Otherwise, you won’t have a dealership. However, how can you figure out which documents to give the DMV so that your customers can drive their vehicles legally? 

The best step is to use a private DMV services company, which will act as an intermediary between you and the actual DMV. A good, reputable company will know the exact documents to submit to the DMV and will even deliver the forms for you. With this type of business working by your side, you’ll not only complete the necessary forms to make your transactions official, but you’ll also have the opportunity to give your customers essential items, including the ones below. 

1. Titles

Without a title, who’s going to believe someone owns their car? You need to get this document to your customers as soon as possible, and a private DMV services company will make that happen. It’ll handle and submit the required information to the DMV, ensuring you get titles to your customers in a timely manner.  

2. License Plates 

After you make a sale, you need to give your customers a temporary license plate. However, keep in mind that you may need to provide the official license plate as well. Some customers will prefer you to do it instead of handing it themselves, but accommodating this request can be quick and painless with a private DMV services company. 

This type of business will gather all of the necessary forms and give them to the DMV. Then, your customers will have an official license plate in their mailbox in no time. 

3. Tags and registration 

Other items your customers may want you to provide are their tags and vehicle registration. And no, this doesn’t include the temporary tags and registration you give them before they drive off the lot. 

Most likely, you’ll also need to provide the official documents, which a private DMV services company can handle for you. Instead of filling out the paperwork yourself, a private DMV services company will get everything together, submit it, and make sure your customers receive their tags and registration quickly. 

The best DMV services company to use

Using a private DMV services company may sound like a good idea. But this good idea can fail fast if you don’t use a great DMV services company. An inexperienced one won’t know which documents to submit to the DMV after you make a sale, leading to chaos, confusion, and unhappy customers. 

However, our team at Barry Risk Management isn’t inexperienced or unknowledgeable. We’ve been working in the DMV industry for over 30 years, so we know exactly what you need to provide to legitimize your transactions and help customers get what they need. 

Even better, we handle everything online, so you don’t have to take a break out of our busy schedule to visit us. You can focus on making deals and give us a call in between to let us know what you need. We’re available and ready to provide the DMV services you require, so reach out to speak with one of our representatives so that you’re equipped to handle your increase in sales. 

Use a team of experts to handle your DMV needs by calling Barry Risk Management at 1-888-995-TAGS(8247). 

How to Get DMV Services During COVID

going to the DMV during COVID

Let’s address the elephant in the room. 

The coronavirus is changing the way we do life. 

What used to be a simple trip to our favorite store or restaurant is now requiring us to take precautions to safeguard our health and everyone else’s. And while these precautions are justified, it’s difficult for some of us to navigate this new environment. 

What makes things worse is that we don’t know if or when our lifestyles will return to normal. The U.S. has tallied up 4.4 million coronavirus cases since the pandemic has started. 

Maps that track the coronavirus’ impact indicate that new COVID cases have increased in 28 states in the past two weeks, with the government labeling 21 states as “red zones” due to their severe outbreak. These states include Missouri, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, all of which had lower coronavirus cases than previous hotspots like New York.

And the virus’ spread is pointing to an uncertain future, leaving most of us to question how to tackle everyday tasks. One place that’s trying to answer this question is the DMV, but according to multiple news stories, the organization isn’t offering a great answer. 

In fact, the DMV’s response to coronavirus is creating more frustration than peace.   

Visiting the DMV during COVID 

Going to the DMV before the coronavirus took hold of the U.S. was already a headache. We had to deal with long wait times, back-and-forth with employees, confusing processes for services, and crowded, stuffy rooms full of people who look bored and unhappy. 

While these pitfalls are still prevalent, the DMV has amplified each of these problems during the pandemic, resulting in a terrible experience every time any of us go to the DMV during COVID. 

In New Jersey, for example, long wait lines are plaguing DMV sites. Recently, the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission agencies opened to finally assist customers’ DMV needs. However, by early morning, an office in Springfield Township was swamped with hundreds of people, hoping to complete simple tasks like getting their car title. Some of the customers had stood in line since 3 a.m., confident that getting there early would ensure they get inside. But most of them still waited hours with everyone else.  

why going to the DMV during COVID is frustrating

How safety protocols are impacting wait times

This agency in Springfield Township wasn’t the only Motor Vehicle Commission site in New Jersey to draw a large crowd. The office in Lakewood also had to shut down in the morning because so many customers had shown up, forcing the agency to reach capacity. But what’s really sad is that some of the people who could stay still didn’t get help from an employee. 

Resolving DMV needs while enforcing social distancing and safety protocols has significantly slowed down processes, challenging employees’ ability to attend to everyone. The agencies in New Jersey have also established multiple lines in their offices, increasing wait times even further. 

For example, there are reportedly two sections at each site. One is a vehicle center for those who need a new title, registration, or license plates. And the other is a licensing center that provides real ID, permits, and new licenses. 

If someone is unlucky enough to visit both of these centers, that individual has to wait in both lines. There are no exceptions. 

Top frustrations with the DMV during COVID

While states like New Jersey are noticing long DMV wait times, it’s the citizens who are getting particularly upset.

People are waiting two to eight hours for a DMV representative to assist them, and the exaggerated wait time is frustrating. Two men from New Jersey were specifically upset that they had waited eight hours to get to the front of the line only for an employee to tell them they couldn’t receive services. 

Because the two men forgot to pull a ticket number, they had to leave empty-handed even though they had spent their entire day waiting for assistance. This problem isn’t an isolated event, though. 

If people with certain health conditions go to the DMV during COVID, they could also experience frustration. One New Jersey woman who has diabetes was happy she could wait in her car instead of standing in the blistering heat — she had signed up for an electronic notification to tell her when to come inside, a welcome feature for most people. 

However, the woman was still experiencing the consequences of long wait times. While sitting in her car, she started to get dizzy because she needed to eat, given that she has diabetes. But instead of properly tending to her health condition, she had to worry about losing her place in line because she had “waited too long” for assistance. 

waiting in line for the DMV during COVID

Is it worth going to the DMV during COVID?

Frustrations with the DMV during COVID aren’t restricted to New Jersey alone. Places like Pennsylvania are also encountering upset customers. While the state’s DMV offices have created safety protocols, some of the people waiting outside aren’t so sure the measures are even working. 

One customer argued that it was “ridiculous in the pandemic to drag how many people are in this line all out here crammed on this street 4-5 hours at a time.” The customer went on to explain that the cramped lines were a contradiction, potentially leading to more health concerns than the DMV anticipated. 

While the measures are possibly debatable, what matters is that going to the DMV during COVID is seemingly a nightmare. Tensions are running high, lines are too long, and assistance isn’t guaranteed. 

But people are forcing themselves to deal with these problems because they think they have to wait. Some customers need to renew their driver’s licenses and tags that will soon expire, so it makes sense to wait even if they don’t want to. But what if there was another option? 

How to work around the DMV

Avoiding the DMV during COVID is not only preferable but possible. Barry Risk Management, Inc. can complete and resolve every DMV service online. 

People don’t have to wait 4-5 hours outside for assistance. They don’t have to contemplate whether they should eat or push off their hunger to save their spot in line. And they definitely don’t have to grab a ticket number to ensure they receive assistance. 

Barry Risk Management, Inc. makes things easy by allowing customers to stay at home and do everything online. The company has knowledgeable representatives who can answer questions and provide support, regardless of the city or state an individual lives in. And what’s even better is that the prices for Barry Risk Management, Inc. are better than its competitors. 

There’s no need to pay extra money or jump through any hoops. All anyone has to do is sit at home, wherever that home might be, and resolve their DMV needs online. 

Don’t go to the DMV during COVID. Make it easy for yourself to get the DMV services you need by contacting a representative from Barry Risk Management, Inc. An agent can help you no matter what state you live in!

The Easy Way to Get a Duplicate Copy of Registration

duplicate copy of registration

Let’s be honest. When you get a new car, it’s tempting to do everything you can to protect it. 

After driving off the dealership’s parking lot, your thoughts can immediately race to every way you can protect your new vehicle. In fact, several questions and worries might run through your mind. 

Is the person behind me riding my tail? Is the car in the other lane getting too close? Should I park where no one else is around? How’s the weather going to be this week? I hope it’s not supposed to rain. 

It’s normal for you to jump into protection mode as soon as you purchase the latest addition to your family. But in the midst of all those lingering questions that you’re answering to safeguard your new car, are you also asking how you’re going to protect your vehicle registration? 

After all, your vehicle registration is what allows you to drive your brand-new beauty. Without it, you can get a ticket and a pretty hefty one at that.

Your vehicle registration is just as important to protect as your new car. Just like you find a safe place to park your vehicle, you need to find a safe place to put your vehicle registration. And this safe place should be somewhere that will keep your registration in the perfect condition, preventing any and all damage. 

It sounds like a hassle for one measly document. But the reason for this caution is simple: you don’t want to go through the traditional route to get a duplicate copy of registration. 

The typical way to get a duplicate copy of registration

getting a duplicate copy of registration is hard

If you want to replace your vehicle registration, there’s a traditional route that you typically have to take. This route has many paths, allowing you to tailor the journey to your preferences. 

For example, you can replace your damaged, lost, or stolen vehicle registration at the DMV office, through the DMV’s website, or by snail mail. However, each option is time-consuming and comes with multiple frustrations. In fact, here are the specific obstacles that accompany each traditional pathway. 

1. The DMV Office 

Just thinking about the DMV office can make you shudder. Notorious for its stressful environment, the DMV is probably the last place you want to visit to get a duplicate copy of vehicle registration. 

The lines are obnoxiously long. The employees are sometimes unhelpful. And the customers are likely in a bad mood just because they have to be there. But if you decide to take this course of action, you need to arrive at your local DMV with the right documents in hand. 

Before your visit, go online and download the application for duplicate vehicle registration. If your state’s DMV has a website that’s user friendly and easy to navigate, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the application. But if the site is outdated, loads slowly, and is hard to follow, it might take a little longer to find the document. 

However, once you manage to discover and download it, you only need a couple of other items. You have to provide your permit, driver license, non-driver ID, or other proof of identity. And you need to have the payment to purchase the new registration. 

After you’ve compiled all of this information, the next step is simple: go to the DMV and wait for hours for someone to assist you. 

2. The DMV’s website 

If something is online, then it has to be more efficient, right? 


Just because you can do something online doesn’t always mean it’s simpler. This argument is especially true if you’re trying to navigate a DMV’s website. 

As mentioned in the point above, the efficiency that you experience on a DMV’s site will depend on how well that site is designed. Most DMV websites are hard to navigate, slow to load, and outdated, all of which can lead to a terrible user experience. What’s worse is that you could go through this awful experience only to find out that you can’t get a duplicate copy of registration for your specific vehicle. 

For example, in New York, you can’t replace your registration online for several types of motor vehicles, including:

  • Transporter vehicles 
  • Trailers 
  • Motorcycles (or other vehicles with plate stickers)
  • Boats 
  • Snowmobiles 
  • Vehicles with a suspended, surrendered, revoked, or expired registration
  • All-Terrain vehicles 
  • Cars that were made before 1973
  • Vehicles that you registered through the DMV’s International Registration Bureau

That’s a long list that can easily apply to you. But if your vehicle manages to qualify for the DMV’s online option, you can use this service. All you need is your vehicle plate number, registration class, the ZIP code on your registration, and a payment method. 

However, if you can’t apply online for a duplicate copy of registration, your only choices are to go to the DMV or get the document through snail mail. 

3. Snail Mail 

In an age where convenience is king and efficiency is queen, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to apply for and receive your duplicate copy of registration through the mail. 

With this option, not only do you have to mail certain items to the DMV, but you also have to wait for the DMV to send you what you need. To get your registration through the mail, you have to send the DMV three documents: 

  • A completed application for the duplicate registration
  • A photocopy of your driver license
  • A money order or check to pay for the registration 

Once the DMV receives this information, a representative will process your application to get your new registration. But as with most processes that happen via snail mail, it might take ten business days to get your duplicate copy of registration. And that’s if the DMV doesn’t find anything wrong with the material you submitted. 

A convenient and time-saving solution 

Instead of dealing with the DMV, you can experience an easier way to get a duplicate copy of vehicle registration. Barry Risk Management, Inc. provides a convenient solution to replace your lost, stolen, or damaged vehicle registration. 

Keen on offering a more straightforward process, Barry Risk Management, Inc. provides an online option that’s seamless, user friendly, and easy to navigate. This service also comes with a representative who can guide you until you receive your duplicate registration. 

Different states likely have different processes to acquire a copy of vehicle registration. And it’s important for you to know what your specific state requires, so you don’t have to repeat steps or start the process over. 

Barry Risk Management, Inc. has representatives that know the requirements and processes for each state. By leaning on the expertise of a representative, you’ll have the ability to get a duplicate copy of your registration online and with no hassle. 

Contact one of the representatives at Barry Risk Management, Inc. to learn how you can get a duplicate copy of registration in your state!

5 Reasons Why People Dislike The DMV

why people dislike the DMV

There are a lot of things that require patience, and for the most part, humans are pretty good at being patient. 

We sit and chat at restaurants while we wait for our meal to arrive. We occupy ourselves in waiting rooms until a medical assistant calls our name. And we listen to music in our cars while we creep in long, swerving lines to Chick-fil-A and In-and-Out. 

Patience is a virtue in almost every aspect of life. It’s such a vital part of the human experience that we teach it to our children. When they want something now, we make them wait until later. And it’s not because we’re cruel. We just want them to learn the value of patience. 

But there’s one place where this value doesn’t exist. It’s a place where all hope is lost, and anger ensues. It’s a building that we only enter after leaving patience at the door because we know it won’t matter. 

This place—where we tend to forget common values—is called the Department of Motor Vehicles, also known as the DMV. 

The most frustrating wait we experience

The most frustrating wait for Americans happens at the DMV office. We dislike waiting at the DMV more than we hate waiting in lines to purchase something at a retail outlet, register at a clinic, or check-in for a flight. 

We only visit the DMV once or twice a year, but the wait has left such a negative impression that we can barely walk into the building without sighing or frowning. But the long lines at the DMV aren’t the only reason we dislike going. It’s just the first. 

There are plenty of reasons why people dislike the DMV, but for the sake of time, we’ll keep the list short. Here are some of the top reasons why people hate going to the DMV office. 

1. There’s not enough assistance 

not enough employees at a DMV office

We’ve all been there. We walk into a DMV and see two employees working and 20 people waiting for assistance. What do we do in that situation? We grab our ticket, try to find a seat, and simmer in our frustration. 

While there’s probably a valid reason for the inadequate number of employees at a DMV office, it doesn’t change the fact that we have to wait for two employees to get twenty people out of the door. What’s worse is that we don’t know why each person is at the DMV. 

Someone might need help with a task that takes 5 minutes, while others need help with something that takes an hour. And the only thing we can do is sit and hope that it’s the former so that a DMV employee calls our number at a decent time. 

2. The person who won’t get off their phone

bad DMV experiences

The DMV experience is stressful. But it’s worse when you’re sitting next to someone who won’t get off their phone. Usually, something like this wouldn’t be bothersome.

But what makes it hard to deal with is when that person is speaking loudly or angrily to whoever is on the other end. In that situation, the DMV becomes small, almost as if the walls are closing in on us. And there’s no way to get out.

This suffocating feeling is one of the top reasons why people dislike the DMV.  

3. The tense arguments and their repercussions 

yelling at the DMV is why people dislike the DMV

When we don’t value patience at the DMV, our bad side sometimes kicks into full throttle. 

For whatever reason, there’s always at least one bad altercation at the DMV office, and it can taint our whole experience. When people’s voices get loud, and they’re emotions are high, the energy in the room transitions from stale idleness to tense and frightening. 

The consequences of the argument even linger after it’s over. We become hesitant to get assistance from the employee who was in the altercation. We can’t discern if he or she is in a good mood or wants to take their anger out on us. 

Sometimes, we consider starting a conversation to relieve the tension and breath positivity back into the room. But even that’s risky. What if the employee shuts down our attempt to be nice, and we’re left standing in our embarrassment? No one wants to experience that rejection. 

4. The possibility of running late

running late at the DMV office

There’s always a moment at the DMV where we wonder if we timed everything correctly. Did we carve out enough time to get everything done? Will we make it to our next appointment? Surely, three hours is enough time to get in and out of the DMV. 

When we have other obligations after our DMV appointment, we want to fulfill them. Typically, we do this by getting to the DMV well in advance of our next errand. But sometimes, when the lines are long, and each person’s needs require 20 minutes to address, we have to reconcile with the idea that we might not make it to our next destination on time. 

This inconvenience is frustrating if our next task is a doctor’s appointment or something else that’s important to us. But there’s nothing we can do about it unless we want to leave the DMV and come back later only to wait in the same long line. 

5. The lack of help and information

why people hate going to the DMV

When we finally make it to the desk to speak with someone, it can seem like an accomplishment, one that we should savor. We’ve made it through the wait. We’ve overcome the test of time. And now, everything should be perfect, right? 


Few feelings compare to what we experience when we realize that a DMV employee doesn’t have the information or knowledge to help us. Phrases like I need to speak with my supervisor, and I don’t know if we can do that here are arguably a slap in the face. 

After hours of waiting, the last thing we want is to wait for someone to assist the person who should be assisting us. Or to realize that no assistance will even take place. The lack of helpfulness makes it easy to understand why people dislike the DMV.

How to overcome our dislike of the DMV

The reasons why people dislike the DMV are plentiful. But if we want to overcome this disdain, we have two options: utilize patience or take advantage of time-saving solutions that are online. 

Companies like Barry Risk Management, Inc. can handle all our DMV needs from the comfort of our own home. The company has knowledgeable representatives that can tackle DMV services and complete them in little to no time. 

Why spend hours at the DMV when we can use online solutions that do the same thing without giving us a headache? We don’t have to put ourselves in unnecessarily hard situations, not when we have better and more convenient options. 

Barry Risk Management, Inc. makes things simple, and we should take advantage of that gift. Otherwise, we’ll have to continue to spend one or two afternoons at the DMV every year, dreading problems as usual. 

Speak with a representative at Barry Risk Management, Inc. to handle your DMV needs online. Someone with knowledge and years of experience will have the tools to help you quickly.