How to Get TLC Plates in New York City

It’s no secret that ride-hailing is becoming increasingly popular in New York City. Whether you prefer Uber or Lyft, you’ve probably enjoyed the benefits of a for-hire-vehicle. They’re convenient, somewhat cost-effective, and great at getting you from point A to B without ever making you deal with parking. 

What’s even better is that ride-hailing services also offer quirky benefits. You can meet new people, learn about a job, or network with someone who may be your client or business partner someday. And these opportunities are things you don’t get when you’re driving alone or with loved ones. 

In fact, these unique advantages are only specific to ride-hailing services, making them an attractive option to many people. About 51% of Americans between ages 18 and 29 have used a ride-hailing service, and that number continues to grow. 

But what if you wanted to experience other benefits from ride-hailing? What if you were more interested in encountering the driver’s benefits and not just the riders? 

If you want to have a for-hire-vehicle, the advantages are plentiful. You can create your own schedule. You can be your own boss. And you can determine how much money you do and don’t make on any given day. Overall, you have total control and flexibility. 

But that freedom doesn’t come cheap. If you want to have a for-hire-vehicle in New York City, you have to get a Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) license plate, which could cost you a lot of time and peace of mind. 

Why it’s hard to get TLC plates 

how to get TLC plates

New York City is the home of hustle and bustle. Whether it’s day or night, you can always find someone working hard, tackling a project, or dreaming about their new business idea. 

Ambition is palpable in The Big Apple. And as a result, you’re going to find people buzzing from place to place on subways, on foot, and you guessed, in for-hire-vehicles. 

Studies suggest that in 2018 more than 100,000 for-hire-vehicle were on the streets, leading to a significant increase in congestion during rush hour. However, yellow taxis weren’t as popular during this time. 

In fact, the number of yellow taxis in New York City was drastically lower than the number of Uber and Lyft drivers on the road. And this research helped decrease the value of yellow cabs.

With more people opting for ride-hailing services, the government had to figure out a way to help level the playing field, so the city council passed a pivotal bill. In August 2018, officials established a yearlong guideline that indicated how many for-hire-vehicles could cruise on the road at one time. Officials also put a cap on how long for-hire-vehicles could be on the road without any passengers. 

Unsurprisingly, this new legislation significantly affected businesses like Lyft and Uber. Despite spending nearly $1 million to lobby for a better result, the ride-hailing companies couldn’t guarantee that new drivers would get their TLC plates to drive in New York City. 

And to make matters worse, in August 2019, the Taxi and Limousine Commission voted unanimously to permanently extend the freeze on new for-hire-vehicles. The only exception is if you have a fully electric or wheelchair accessible car. 

Without one of those two things, you will not have much luck getting TLC plates. 

Who provides TLC plates? 

how to get TLC plates through the DMV

If you meet the requirements for getting TLC plates, you may be wondering where you should go to acquire them. 

Unfortunately, the common answer is not the best one. 

Most people go to the DMV to get their TLC plates. And while this sounds like the most logical option, the DMV is never a good place to visit. You can spend hours in line even if you make an appointment—and you have to deal with boring waiting rooms, too much paperwork, and employees who are overwhelmed and flustered. 

What’s worse is that the DMV is experiencing a monstrous backlog because of the pandemic. If you want to get TLC plates anytime soon, you’ll likely have to wait one or two months just to meet with someone. 

Today, people are booking appointments months in advance, making it difficult to go to the DMV within a few days, much less the same day. And customers are even paying people to get and stay in line for them overnight, so they don’t have to suffer through a terrible wait time in the morning. 

But you shouldn’t have to pay to get your TLC plates and a great spot in line. That scenario doesn’t benefit you. And if you think you’ll have better luck getting your TLC plates on the DMV’s website, you might find yourself getting frustrated all over again. 

While the DMV is offering some of its services online, the organization’s website isn’t user-friendly, fast, or easy to navigate. You can easily find yourself clicking from page to page, trying to understand how to get TLC plates and which documents you need to fill out. And if you have a question at any time throughout your research process, you’ll have to contact the DMV call center, which could leave you on hold for 45 minutes to an hour. 

Getting your TLC plates should not be this challenging, and luckily, you do have other options that provide a convenient and seamless way to get what you need. 

The best way to get TLC plates 

If you want to get TLC plates but don’t feel like running in circles with the DMV, then you can rely on organizations like Barry Risk Management, Inc. 

With knowledgeable representatives who have over 30 years of experience in the DMV industry, you can rest assured that Barry Risk Management, Inc. has the expertise and ability to get your TLC plates. But the best part is that their agents can do it all online.  

You don’t have to come in person, wait in long lines, or pay someone to wait in line for you. Barry Risk Management, Inc. offers a digital process that allows you to get TLC plates quickly and without any hassle. 

Using grade-A technology and a seamless user experience, you can navigate their online process efficiently and effectively. And if you have any questions, the representatives with Barry Risk Management, Inc. will be with you every step of the way, no hold times necessary. 

If you want to get TLC plates to start taking advantage of the benefits of ride-hailing, contact Barry Risk Management, Inc. today!