Why You Should Use a Third-Party DMV Services Company

third-patty DMV

What’s one thing that almost everyone — and we mean almost everyone — in New York can agree on? The DMV is not a fun place (and that’s putting it lightly). Oftentimes, DMVs elicit some form of discomfort, whether that’s frustration, annoyance, or exasperation. And to be fair, this isn’t unique to DMVs in New York. There are problems with DMVs all across the country. 

However, a solution is uniquely available to New York residents who want to avoid the DMV at all costs: use a third-party DMV services company. This solution isn’t discussed frequently. In fact, there’s not much information about it on the internet. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to find third-party DMV services in every U.S. state, or perhaps it’s because no one’s found the time to provide information about this solution. 

Whatever the reason, we want our fellow New York residents to know the purpose and benefits of using a third-party DMV services company, especially since we can be considered this type of business. 

What is a Third-Party DMV Services Company? 

A third-party DMV services company is a brand that steps in between you and your local DMV to provide the services you need. That means when using a third-party DMV services company, you don’t have to visit the DMV yourself. The third party will handle all the paperwork associated with the items you need and provide those items to you. All you have to do is sit back and relax. 

However, keep in mind, that not all third-party DMV services companies are created equal. Some only provide a couple of services, like getting your license plates and tags, while others deliver a suite of offerings. Additionally, some have more experience, better technology, and seamless processes, making them more credible than alternatives. Because these variances exist, it’s essential to use a third party that has a good reputation and provides the help you need, so make sure to research a company before signing up to use their services. 

The Headache-Inducing DMV Experience

Now, why should you use a third-party DMV services company? The straightforward answer is that it’ll prevent you from encountering the issues related to interacting with the DMV. As we all know, many challenges can arise when visiting a local DMV or speaking with a DMV representative on the phone. Some of those problems include the following:

  • Long wait times: It’s almost impossible to avoid long lines at the DMV. Visiting one automatically means signing up to stand or sit for at least an hour before being helped. Even calling the DMV can mean waiting 30 minutes to speak with someone. 
  • Paperwork issues: Have you ever had trouble finding the correct DMV form? Have you ever had a DMV representative say they’re unable to find the form you’re confident you submitted? If so, you’re not alone. Paperwork issues are common at the DMV.
  • Poor user experience online: The DMV lets you complete some tasks online, but the user experience isn’t always great. It can be hard navigating the website, finding forms, and understanding what you must do to get what you need.
  • Bad customer service: Unfortunately, it’s easy to experience poor customer service when interacting with a representative at the DMV. That’s true whether you speak to someone in person or on the phone. 
  • Delays, delays, delays: Let’s be honest. The DMV can be synonymous with delays. Whether you’re trying to get your license plates, a duplicate title, or vehicle registration, it can take weeks to get what you need when it was initially supposed to take a few days. 

The above list doesn’t include all the problems you may experience with the DMV, but it proves why another solution is necessary. Using a third-party DMV services company helps you avoid all the above issues (and more) so that you get what you need without any hassles — and that’s particularly true if you use a credible third party that offers the various services you may seek.

Third-Party DMV Services are Here for You

If you want to use a third-party DMV services company, you may be wondering where to find one. A quick Google search can present different options. However, few have the industry experience and breadth of services we offer. 

Our team at Barry Risk Management has been in the DMV industry for over 30 years. We’ve helped individuals all over the country get the items they need from the DMV and have garnered a positive reputation as a result. 

We also provide many DMV services, and for our New York customers, we deliver what they need on the spot. Let us repeat that loud and clear: for our New York customers, we don’t deliver items in one day, a few days, or weeks later like other third-party companies. We have a process that ensures New York residents get what they need on the spot. 

For context, below are all the DMV-related items that we can provide New York residents immediately

  • License plates
  • Vehicle registration
  • Duplicate registrations
  • Renewal registrations
  • Plate surrender receipts

Our ability to deliver items right away is great news if you call the Empire State home. With us, you no longer have to visit the DMV or interact with its representatives. You don’t have to take off work, lose a precious weekend day, or surrender a whole morning or afternoon trying to get what you need from the DMV. If you want to gather something we listed above, you can trust us to provide it immediately. 

Do you live in New York and want to use a third-party DMV services company to avoid headaches at the DMV? Contact us at 1-888-995-TAGS(8247) to get license plates, registrations, and plate surrender receipts on the spot.